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Deke of the Week 4 – Single Deke

single deke

by JEREMY RUPKE on APRIL 7, 2011

Here is the fourth installment of the deke of the week, it’s still pretty basic but we are slowly working our way up to the sneaky dekes. Some people on youtube have been asking me to do the more advanced dekes but what they don’t understand is that with dekes there is probably a 10/90 rule. You will use 10% of your dekes 90% of the time, and those 10% are the simple ones. Also knowing and understanding the simple moves will help you know WHEN to use them and help you learn the more advanced moves. There is no point in pulling a risky show-boat deke when a simple one will do the trick, but sometimes the show-boat deke will be your only option so that is why it helps to fully understand the simple dekes but still know how to pull the tricky ones. Enough with the talk, lets get to the video!



Tips for performing the Single Deke

  • Fake to one side, catch the puck and then move it to the other side and move past the player
  • Dip your head and shoulder to really sell the deke and make it look like you are going that way
  • If you wait to long to start the deke, the other player will be able to knock the puck off your stick
  • The faster you are skating, the further back you will have to begin the move. Try starting it about 10 feet away from the player
  • The best time to use this deke is when the defensemen is skating at you, or standing still / skating slowly
  • You need speed to pull this move, if the defensemen is matching your speed you will probably not be able get around the defensemen.