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Three Steps to Lifting the Backhand

lifting-backhand-shot-hockeyThis method is best used while in close to the net

  1. Puck location
    • The puck should be positioned forward in your stance to help you get the proper blade angle to lift the puck. A good puck position is not critical, however it does make the shot easier. Good players will be able to lift the puck from various locations, however it’s easier if you start from an easier position and work your way up.
  2. Wrist Movement
    • Starting with the wrists rolled and the puck cupped is important so that you can later quickly uncoil the wrists. This movement will add some momentum to your shot and help you easily lift the puck off the ice
  3. Leverage of the Stick
    • The final stage of this shot uses the hands and stick to add power and lift. You will be pushing down with your top hand, and pulling up with your bottom hand (quickly) in order to lift the puck up off the ice. When all three stages are used together (and with a bit of practice) you should have no problem roofing backhands.