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More balance drills for hockey player

  • hockey-shoot-the-duckShoot the duck – Players glide on one leg and squat as low as they can while keeping their other leg out in front
  • Squat – Glide and then squat as low as you can
  • Russian lunges – Players touch one knee to the ice, then the other in quick succession while pumping arms
  • Belly slide – player skates, jumps and slides on their belly, then gets up as quickly as possible
  • Spins – Players skate, go down on two knees and spin, then get up as soon as possible
  • Edge work drills – These are more advanced and push the players to expand their comfort zone

The Fundamentals of skating

Balance is one of the fundamental skills of skating, but there are many other building blocks that will help you improve. Visit our Learn to skate series to see our other videos and articles on the fundamentals of skating.